torsdag 25. september 2008

The Glassblower of Murano

Some time ago I got an sms from a friend - "I am enjoying my days on Jersey with The Glassblower of Murano. This is a book I know you will love."
As soon as she came home from vacation she brought me the book, and last week I started to read it. And was immediately transformed back to Venezia and Murano and the art of glassblowing.
You never know when a friendship is due to develop, and I had no idea the day Terje, Marta and I zigzagged through the calles of Venezia suddenly ending up outside a tiny little glassblower workshop, that the opening of the door to the studio was the start of a wonderful friendship. Follow the links and you will be able to visit Mauro, my Glassblower of Murano, who takes the vaporetto from Murano every morning to work in his studio in Venezia
Some of you might already know Mauro, as he started a blog some time ago and has been my Blog of the Week since then.
A couple of days ago I got an email from Mauro - "If you want, read my new post. Awaits you in Venezia" Of course I wanted, and learned that I have got a rival. Mauro is now not only waiting for the Norwegian blog lady to open his door, another grand lady has stolen a piece of his heart. You can read the story on Mauro's blog, and if you don't read Italian there is a translation possibility on the right hand bar.

Some of you have seen a couple of these photos before. They are taken in front of the mirror in "my Venezian flat", trying to capture the red glass heart Mauro has made. Compare my photos, which was taken a year ago, to the front cover of The Glassblower of Murano, which I got in my hands two weeks ago. Cool, isn't it :-)